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Small Bowel Obstruction is not hard to find with POCUS: Lloyd Gordon makes his case

December 22, 2013 0 Comments


obstruction sign

This patient complained of vomiting, hematemesis, abdominal distension. POCUS revealed normal looking small bowel with normal peristalsis in the pelvis and lower abdomen. The upper abdomen had a few lengths of SB which were distended (SBO) and with poor peristalsis. CT confirmed small bowel obstruction plus revealed tiny areas of free air (micro-perforation).



It’s really not that hard to image SB. Just take a moment when you are looking around, ¬†especially in the pelvis to get an idea of normal SB and normal peristalsis. It looks like little blobs or lengths or curves filled with granular looking fluid/contents (like some abscesses/hemorrhagic collections) that are swishing around in a characteristic way.







Then when you see abnormal bowel: distended, thickened, tender often with poor peristalsis, you will be able to suspect SBO/IBD/ischemia.



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