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EDE 2/3 Calgary: -35 degree scanning

February 16, 2014 0 Comments

photo 4

We will beat proper scanning technique into you!

 The 41st EDE 2 course is officially complete!  We had a fantastic group of enthusiastic physicians attend despite the arctic temperatures.  Sure there were cars that wouldn’t start and the ultrasound models’ goosebumps made it harder to scan them, but we are Canadian and we laugh at the cold!  Particularly when it isn’t us getting covered in cold gel!  Thanks to Mark Bromley for taking on the onerous job of finding models, machines, and munchies.

photo 7

Strike a pose!

We scanned broken (turkey) bones, gallbladders, hearts, kidneys, nerves, veins, scaphoids, and even our own eyes because after three solid days of viewing ultrasound screens you gotta check for those retinal detachments.

photo 6

Is it OK if we dislocate your shoulder for teaching purposes?

After the two day EDE 2 course we did a special EDE 2/3 course with the help of Kyle McLaughlin for a great bunch of docs from Banff.  More advanced topics like rotator cuff assessment, appendicitis, subclavian central line guidance, and testicular scanning were on the menu.  Once again, I want to point out that only in the Canadian West will you find a model for testicular scanning in minus 35 degree weather.  They don’t call it the land of prairie oysters for nothing.

In case you were wondering, the next EDE 3 course is about to be announced so stay tuned and get your skis tuned!



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