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Canadian POCUS educators please take note!

May 30, 2014 0 Comments

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Hello all Canadian POCUS keeners.

There is a whole lot of ultrasound love about to happen at the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Annual Conference in Ottawa, Ontario May 31-June 4 2014.

Sure, we all want to see Mel Herbert and Ian Stiell battle it out during their session on evidence and education but there are lots of other great speakers and great topics to check out.

Join the fun for talks involving various applications of POCUS (see you at my presentation on regional anesthesia!) but also consider participating in some very important projects aimed towards shaping the future of POCUS in Canada.

We are going to put our pointy heads together to discuss issues such as credentialing, resident education, fellowships, competency, and what to wear when trying to look professional while covered in ultrasound gel.

Please go to the CAEP website for a schedule of various meetings as well as the educational program.

Greg Hall Co-editor EDE Blog.

Of particular interest is the following meeting notification from Dr. Worrall:

CAEP residency education subcommittee meeting June 1, 12:30pm

Dear POCUS educators,

The residency education subcommittee of the CAEP Pocus committee will be meeting this Sunday, June 1, at 12:30 PM in the British Columbia Room. This is one hour before the main POCUS committee.

This is an open meeting, everyone is welcome.

Hope to see you all in Ottawa at CAEP,

James Worrall
Subcommitee chair

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