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Dipping sauce

November 3, 2015 0 Comments

EDE 3 is coming up this weekend at Sunnybrook. Ben, Greg, and the gang will be teaching a bunch of new nerve blocks. When doing these and other sterile ultrasound-guided procedures, the setup is key. To use a term from Dr. Scott Weingart (@emcrit), many microskills come up…right down to the ultrasound gel. Instead of having the nurse or other assistant apply a parsimonious amount of sterile gel to the business end of the probe and on the outside of the probe cover, just empty the whole packet somewhere within reach on the sterile drape. You don’t usually need much gel for these procedures, but if you need more, just dip your probe into the sauce…uh, gel. Way more time efficient than asking the assistant to look for the packet of gel that has since hit the floor!

Looking forward to this weekend!

Dip probe in gel

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