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EDE 2 adds Paul O’s edus2 simulator

May 9, 2016 0 Comments

image of that triangle related to simulation

The focus of EDE 2 (like EDE 1) has always been on image generation and interpretation. We have always mentioned the indications for doing the scan and present at least one clinical scenario for each type of scan, but the cognitive aspect of helping participants remember to do the scan has been relatively neglected. Although the instructors can teach image generation and image interpretation at the course, the instructors won’t be there once the participants are back at work to tap them on the shoulder to remind them to do the scan. We’ve been working at this over the last few years with the introduction of simulation sessions during the course. As of the next week, EDE 2 will get a big boost in this regard. We are adding Paul Olszynski’s edus 2 simulator to our model and simulation gear for the course in Belleville. You can go to Ken Milne’s blog, Skeptics’ Guide to EM for a discussion of research behind the simulator, as well as an original research article on the topic.

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