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Transesophageal Echo & a New Podcast!

April 15, 2019

Transesophageal echo is slowly making inroads into emergency medicine. It has been presented at EDE 3 a couple of times by Dr Laurie Robichaud. I know that Jordan Chenkin and his team are using TEE at Sunnybrook and have had some pretty cool cases already. Ditto for Tom Jelic with some trauma cases in Winnipeg. I think there are a couple of other academic EDs that have it. Greg is trying to get a TEE probe in Brantford. So it’s coming along slowly in Canada. The jury is still out on whether its use will truly be widespread among Canadian EDs like the rest of EDE/POCUS. Or if it will exist only at a select few sites. Keep in mind that Canada has about 700 EDs, half of which have fairly low volumes and low acuity. So issues of training and maintenance of skills will certainly come up. Battles to get TEE in EDs may be tough, similar to the original battles to get EDE into Canadian EDs over the last many years. Experience and literature is building. But that they not be enough. You may need a secret weapon…like Dre Geneviève Dallaire.

Gen led the fight at Hôpital du Haut-Richelieu in St Jean, Québec to acquire a TEE probe. The new bébé arrived recently to a happy mama 🙂 To our knowledge, St Jean is the first community ED in Canada to have TEE probe. So it is possible. Congrats to Gen and her team!

D’autre chose…

The podcast world in emergency medicine is dominated by English-language podcasts. We get that. It is assumed that because so many educational resources are in English-only, most medical trainees must be comfortable in English. That’s true…to a point. But there’s something about being able to listen to a podcast in your own language. The understanding clicks quicker, is a bit more profound, and involves less rewinding! That’s the sum of the feedback that we have had over the years with the translation of the EDE courses and the book. Gen has struck out to fix that! She has started a new medical podcast all in French. Here are the highlights, en bref…

Le site web de son balado est

La meuf, veut dire la ‘femme’ en verlan (« l’anver »), une sorte d’argot français.

Mais La M.E.U.F., c’est Médecine et Échographie d’Urgence Francophone !

Complètement auto-produit et réalisé avec son mari.

La meuf parle de réa, d’urgence et d’écho.

Y’a un 3 minutes sur le site sur ‘C’est quoi la MEUF?’

Les épisodes seront d’environ 1h.

Disponible en streaming sur le web ou encore sur iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, RSS et Spotify.

Balado recommendé par l’AMUQ.

Quelques centaines d’auditeurs déjà !

Felicitations encore à Gen!

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