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EDE 3 Toque 1

EDE 3 is the next step in advanced POCUS applications.  Held twice per year it is our opportunity to provide experienced EDE practitioners the chance to learn stuff that is leading edge or more challenging.

EDE 3 Course participants and family

EDE 3 Turks and Caicos

The course has been held in fantastic locales such as the Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos and Sun Peaks Grand Hotel in Sun Peaks, British Columbia.

Exterior Winter Signature

Sun Peaks Grand Hotel in Sun Peaks BC

The next course will  be held in Toronto November 6-7 2015 to accommodate those who don’t like beautiful tropical islands or gorgeous winter wonderlands.  And we pity you.

 February 4-5, 2016 we will be back at Sun Peaks because it is awesome.

[May 18:  Note that the Toronto course is now sold out.  A wait list is now being made.  Places are still available for the Sun Peaks course.]

For more information go to the EDE 3 Course website.


Scanning the cricothyroid membrane

Past topics have included:

  1. Appendicitis
  2. Bowel obstruction
  3. Testicular
  4. Soft tissue shoulder
  5. Advanced nerve blocks
  6. Advanced cardiac for ischemia and beyond
  7. Advanced pulmonary
  8. ETT intubation and cricothyrotomy assistance
  9. Transcranial for bleeds and mass effect
  10. Advanced volume assessment
  11. 3rd TM pregnancy
  12. EDE for RNs



Transcranial EDE