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April 22, 2021

As we navigate a new world with Covid 19, the EDE family is proud to announce two NEW products – EDE ONLINE and EDE Bedside Aid (EDE App) for mobile devices.

EDE ONLINE is made up of: The EDE eBook; Online Modules of EDE 1 and EDE 2; and the EDE App. It contains all the content of the EDE 1 and EDE 2 Courses, with EDE 3 to be added at a future date. This comprehensive online package is launching in association with the Emergency Medicine Update 2021, taking place May 5-7, 2021.


1) The EDE eBook

Essentials of Point-of-Care Ultrasound (aka The EDE eBook) is now available for Apple, Android, and Windows. Similar to the existing iOS version on iBooks, it contains many of the same functionalities: Videos; slideshows; quizzes; hyperlinks to PubMed; links to the EDE blog; chapter summaries; and more! Going forward, participants of The EDE 2 Course will get access to this eBook at no additional cost (whenever Covid allows us to start the course again!).

The iBooks version of the EDE eBook is not part of this online package but remains for sale separately.

2) Online Modules of EDE 1 and EDE 2

Cutting-edge and interactive, these modules allow participants to progress at their own pace. With its unique design to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible, participants have the ability to: Click on audio clips; identify structures; review live images, illustrations, and ultrasounds; indicate screen orientation and whether a scan is positive or negative; and answer pop quizzes, or perform activities for immediate feedback.

Registrants of EDE ONLINE will be able to obtain a CME certificate for the online modules they complete.

3) EDE Bedside Aid (EDE App)

Like the name implies, the EDE App is meant to help at the bedside. Even for those who’ve thoroughly digested the eBook and online modules, some learnings naturally fade from memory. That’s where EDE App comes to the rescue!

It’s a memory aid that can be used “on the fly.” Can’t remember the criteria for poor LV contractility? Not sure if the probe should be in the long or short axis for an ankle tap? Get the answer almost immediately with the EDE App!

The EDE App currently contains about half of the EDE 2 chapters. Over the next months, the remaining chapters will be added along with all the EDE 1 chapters. Past EDE 2 participants have automatic access to the App. EDE Bedside Aid is now available at the Apple and Google app stores.


The regular price for EDE ONLINE is $565 (includes HST). But if you sign up now, we’re offering a $65 discount. Easy sign up process at EDE ONLINE at EMU 2021. Ongoing access to all components of EDE ONLINE is complementary to provide flexibility in your learning needs.

We’ll leave registration open after the Emergency Medicine Update 2021 through to the end of spring. You’ll need to create an EDE 2 account to sign up if you don’t already have one.

We look forward to seeing you!

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