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Bootcamp EDE: Drop and give me 200

March 16, 2014

The biggest obstacle to beginners embracing POCUS is the initial effort required to master basic skills. Most learners complete an introductory course that takes a day or two. This is followed by supervised scanning sessions and examinations to meet the required numbers and proficiency to be “certified” to apply the skill independently. This can require travelling to at least two different locations and trying to schedule a week off.  Not something the busy physician is keen on doing.

EDE Bootcamp

For the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society (CEUS) standards for independent practitioner status, the average physician is facing a 10-hour course and then 25-30 hours of additional training.  For many physicians already out of residency, and even some in 3 year FM-EM programs, this is a challenge.

Unfortunately this has led to many physicians never completing their training and not mastering an incredibly useful skill.

We decided to try something a little different.  Last year a beta-course was run for residents where the EDE program and a partial CEUS certification process were combined.  It required lots of instructors, lots of machines, and a whole lot of people to scan.  It was a big success.  Most graduates were over 80% of the way to certification and only needed a few more scans and examinations to be done.

This year we are going one step further with Bootcamp EDE.  2.5 days of intense, hands-on training and examinations to get learners to full certification.  The theory is covered in an electronic manual and instructional videos that are viewed before the course.  Part of day one is learning how to do the basic scans for AAA, PCE, 1st TM pregnancy, and abdominal FF at the bedside.  The rest of the first and second day are devoted to directly supervised scans in the 4 basic applications to meet the 200 determinant scans required for certification.  The end of the second day and half of the third day are for written, visual, and practical exams.

Only days after announcing Bootcamp EDE, the interest has been huge.  The 20 places are almost filled.

If the course is a success, expect us to run more of them in the future.

Contact us if you know someone who might be interested in the Bootcamp program.  It’s going to be a hard few days but it’s going to be worth it.  I know of several rural and remote physicians who are thrilled that they can get this type of workshop.  With limited access to diagnostics and long transport times to tertiary centres, they are some of the health care providers who can make the best use of the skill!

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  1. Sofian says:

    Hi I am interested. Please let me know how to register for the coming course. Thanks

  2. Dr. Timothy Findlay says:

    I’m interested in this bootcamp approach, depending on time, location and cost. Please let me know the details, thanks.


  3. John Lee says:

    Hi, I’m interested in registering for this bootcamp, hopefully in July. Please let me know the details. Many thanks.