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Take the appendix challenge

July 17, 2014

Do you want to improve your imaging skills safely?  Then take challenges like this case from Dr. Gordon.  When you have someone waiting to get a CT for appendicitis, look for the appendix yourself with POCUS.  If you see it and still can’t convince your surgeon to go to the OR, then getting an elective U/S before the CT might save some radiation. [Ed.]

Lloyd’s case:

This was a handover. A CT was ordered to R/O Appendicitis. I took this as a challenge.

The patient was of average build. I found an area of fluid between the SB loops. I reasoned that the appendix was somewhere close at hand. A minimum of fiddling and the appendix appeared: not compressible, swollen, and oedematous.

Appendix 2



I ordered an elective U/S as our surgeons look upon POCUS as the Devil’s tool.

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