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Bootcamp EDE April 2015 with apprentice program

December 13, 2014

The next Bootcamp dates are now finalized.


April 25-27, 2015

Brantford, Ontario


Let colleagues who have yet to get their certification know about Bootcamp now.  The positions fill up almost immediately every year.

Those who wish to obtain their Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Certification in one weekend can come to Brantford, Ontario and join the camp!  Worth 25 Mainpro C/Section 1 credits.
EDE Bootcamp


A lot of instructors and machines are required to host this workshop.  Over a three day period, almost 20 instructors, 14 ultrasound machines, and 100 models will be used to certify 20 physicians in basic point of care ultrasound.  The logistics are scary and that’s why we only hold this course a couple of times each year.

The April program is designed for those who have completed an introductory course recognized by CEUS such as EDE, EDTU, ECCU, Western U, U of Ottawa, U of Manitoba, etc.

You will get to review important techniques and content pre-conference with the EDE online course and pretest question bank.  Then you get down to scanning immediately on day one!

We have maximized scanning time and patient flow so you will get your 200 determinate scans completed as well as three sets of exams.

This course insists on the highest standards.  There are no short-cuts.  We budget time for exam rewrites.  We spend a lot of time on practical examinations (OSCE-like training) so you are prepared to supervise the next generation of POCUS candidates.

Our system lets learners move at their own speed.  Those who need a little more time and more patients to scan get the extra attention they need.  Those who are fast learners don’t stand around waiting.


Apprentice Instructor Program

We run an apprentice instructor workshop program for those who are certified and wish to enhance their own skills or obtain master instructor status.  Instructors get to attend a workshop on improving teaching skills, understanding ultrasound concepts in more detail, and have a chance to pick the brains of the most senior instructors.  They assist in bedside teaching and get to view hundreds of scans in a concentrated format.  No time wasted looking for patients to recruit.  Just you, your machine, and lots of models and trainees!  The improvement in your own abilities is enormous!

Not only that but lots of Mainpro C/Section 1 CME credits are available too!

If you or a colleague are interested, send me an email for the full information package:


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  1. Bruce McFarlane says:

    Good morning Greg,
    I practice as a full time solo physician in Cambridge Bay, situated at the western edge of Nunavut on Victoria Island and above the Arctic circle.
    Cambridge Bay has a population of 1700, is the hub of the Kitikmeot region, and is surrounded by 4 other settlements accessible only by air.
    We do not have an inpatient unit and our closest referral centre is Yellowknife, some 900 km south. All medevacs are by air.
    I have been getting comfortable with the use of a pocket US device, the Vscan, and am about to purchase the newest version, the Vscan dual probe. The US tech who occasionally visits our region has also been offering me some instruction.
    Flying down south is time consuming. It takes two days to reach my home in Ontario. And I’m wondering if I would be eligible to attend the EDE US bootcamp in Brantford, Ontario this coming fall.
    To date, I have no formal EDE training but have been studying the point of care use of US on my own, practicing with the Vscan, and am passionate about acquiring this new skill in order to enhance the care we provide to the people of the Kitiklmeot.
    Bruce McFarlane

  2. Sunil Sookram says:

    Do you have a date for the 2016 course yet ?