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Have you ever wondered about using POCUS for C-Spine fractures?

January 18, 2016

Yes, that’s right. POCUS for unstable C-spine fractures…in children! Tom J found this article and presented it at the EDE 3 Journal Club. Talk about cutting edge! For sure, this one may or may not make it to prime time in the future. But hey, that’s what EDE 3 is about! Exploring new uses for POCUS and sorting out what works and what doesn’t. Kudos to Dr Agrawal and his team for tackling this topic. Here’s Tom with the summary…

And here’s a video of the C-spine of a 50 y.o. man. We won’t divulge his name. But do please note the clean carotids (used partly as a window) and the C-spine which shows no evidence of arthritis 😉

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