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EDE Bootcamp Success

April 13, 2016

EDE Bootcamp Logo

Over the past weekend we held a bootcamp that provided participants with the EDE course followed by supervised scans and exams to obtain CEUS IP certification in core skills.  I have been asked numerous times what our bootcamps are all about for POCUS training.  Over the past few years we have perfected a system that allows busy physicians to get concentrated experience and tremendous real-time feedback.





The three-day weekend was a huge success with 24 physicians performing around 250 scans on over 120 live models and patients with positive findings.  They complete the EDE online course pre-workshop so it’s all hands-on at the bootcamp.

In addition to transvaginal live models, a state-of-the-art transvaginal simulator with haptic feedback and images derived from real patients was used.TV Simulator 2



Stations are carefully timed to ensure efficient scanning and time management.  Visual cues are provided to let instructors and students budget their time effectively.

bootcamp timer

One bedside instructor is at each station and three senior instructors circulated amongst all the stations to help junior instructors and assist with challenging models and offer extra training to participants needing more help.

At the end of the bootcamp, here is the prize:  CEUS certification!

Certificate Core Track v1.5 Blank

If you know anyone wanting to get certification in a three day program, contact me.  We also have an apprentice bedside instructor program with a half-day course followed by supervising participants under the guidance of senior instructors.  It makes for a VERY busy few days but is definitely worth it.

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