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EDE 2 at EMU and new course format

January 4, 2017

EDE 2 and EMU


Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that we have posted the courses on the EDE 2 website that will take place prior to the EMU conference. The course taking place on Monday, May 1 is open to everyone. As for the course on Tuesday, May 2, those spots are reserved for conference attendees until 7 weeks prior to the conference. At that point, we open up any remaining spots to folks on the wait list for that course. If either of these courses is listed as being full, you should sign up for the wait list, because spots do commonly open up.

More information regarding the EM Update conference in Toronto can be found at Greg Hall, Jordan Chenkin, and a few other experts from the EMU team teach a bunch of POCUS workshops at the conference itself.

Lastly, I haven’t announced it widely yet, but we have been running the EDE 2 course under the new format since last spring, both in English and French. I still need to update the EDE 2 website with those details once I find the time ;-), but here is a bit of information regarding the new format:

The EDE 2 lectures have been converted to online modules. The modules are not simple video recordings of the lectures in PowerPoint format. The modules are in a cutting-edge and interactive format. The modules allow participants to go through the material at their own pace, and at a time of their own choosing. The online modules have been designed to make the learning experience informative, interesting and more importantly… enjoyable. Participants are able to:

  • Read text
  • Click on audio clips
  • Review live images, illustrations, and ultrasound images
  • Watch live videos & ultrasound videos
  • Use their cursor to identify structures, indicate screen orientation, and indicate whether a scan is positive or negative
  • Answer pop quizzes or perform an activity with immediate feedback provided

Participants can go through the material as often as they like. They can use a desktop computer or  laptop to complete the modules. An iPad or other tablet can be used as well, but size matters! The smaller the screen, the smaller the videos.

EDE 2 remains a 2-day course. But 1 day is spent online. The live part of the course has dropped down to 1 day and consists mostly of scanning, with brief mini-lectures and/or demos to remind participants how to do the scan. The resultant efficiencies have allowed us to drop the price of the course by approximately $400 per participant.

We are working on several other projects in relation to the course and hope to update folks in the coming months.

I hope that everyone has a great 2017!


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