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Seven Days of EDE

April 24, 2017

Thanks to the dedication of multiple instructors across the country, we are now able to hold more EDE 2 Courses than ever before. For the next seven weekdays, we are holding EDE 2 events from BC to Québec.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we are holding EDE 2 in Kamloops, BC. EDE 2 team members are Andrew Skinner from St Paul’s, Ben Ho (Master Knobologist!) from Nanaimo, Maja Stachura from VGH/Lions Gate/Squamish, and Matt Petrie from Kelowna.

On Thursday and Friday, EDE 2 is back at CHUL in Quebec City with veteran instructors Marc Charles Parent, Daniel Bernier, and Pierre Collin, along with Mireille Paradis making the trek from Sherbrooke.

Next Monday and Tuesday, EDE 2 is back once again at the EM Update conference in Toronto with a massive team including Jordan Chenkin (Sunnybrook), Tina Bhandari (Sunnybrook), Joel Turner (McGill-JGH), Paul Hannam (Toronto East ED Chief and Loco extra-ordinaire!), Claire Heslop (UHN), Mike Romano (Sunnybrook), Andy Primeau (NOSM-Sudbury), Patrick Wong (Toronto East-Michael Garron), Puneet Kapur (U of T ED Ultrasound Fellow), and Craig Brick (U of T ED Ultrasound Fellow).

Rounding out the events next Wednesday, May 3 at EM Update, Greg Hall and I, Andrea Unger (Brantford), Deborah Leung (Sunnybrook), and Roberta Hood (Markham) will be holding a workshop covering EDE 2 and 3 topics.

And who can forget the course coordinators! Sarah Van Horn from Vancouver, Karine Poirier from Québec, and Andrea & Michelle Ennis from Toronto are truly the quarterbacks of the course. They hold everything together and make sure the course runs smoothly and that all the participants get as much as possible out of the course.

Lastly, a shout out to Chris Prelypchan in Kamloops! Like so many local organizers, he has worked tirelessly to recruit models, get the rooms ready, organize the catering, and on and on. It is thanks to Chris and all of the other local organizers across the country that the course can happen at all!

EDE 2 is truly a team effort! All of the folks mentioned above are key to the education of emergency physicians from across the country who will be learning new techniques in bedside ultrasound to improve the care that they provide. I just wanted to say thanks 🙂


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