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Duplicated Superficial Femoral Vein

May 15, 2017

We will always keep learning…

In the book and at the EDE 2 course, we mention the importance of keeping an eye out for the duplicate popliteal vein. It is important to scan both for DVT. At a recent course, something less common was found: a duplicate superficial femoral vein. To boot, there was a DVT in one of them! Kudos to Mike Wolf and Dan Joo and the rest of the team for picking up on this! Quite a number of previously undiagnosed abnormalities have been found at EDE 1/2/3 courses over the years. But this is the first DVT. Interestingly, this model had no symptoms. This is common in the setting of a duplicate vein, since drainage of the extremity can still occur. See below for an image of a duplicate popliteal vein from the book. We do not have any images of a duplicate femoral vein yet :(, so I will instead direct you to this google search: duplicated superficial femoral vein.

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