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Rare as rare can be…easily picked up with POCUS!

December 7, 2017

I am working away on the French version of the eBook making a few edits as I go. One important addition is a video from Dr Bernard Richard. Bernard is an EDE 2 instructor based in Valleyfield, Québec. He saw a young women with a first trimester presentation, some combination of pain and bleeding. The video is 4 seconds long. So it will play twice. See if you can figure out what is going on. Pause the video and scroll back to the beginning if you need more time. I won’t even put the answer in the tags for this post! If you let the video play through “Take 3”, it will give you the answer. And don’t scroll below the video…unless. you. can’t. stop. yourself. 🙂

Pretty cool, eh? You may have noticed the ovaries on either side. The larger corpus luteal cyst was on the right. Ray Wiss started using the term “screen awareness” at EDE 1 and we have all followed suit. This is a good example of why that is ssssooooooo important. AND why a proper sweep is needed for a determinate scan. If you stop when you see the IUP, the important finding gets missed.

Thanks again to Bernard for submitting this video! It will be in the French version of the eBook which should be on iBooks by February. We will be finally (!) updating the Book Videos section of the EDE 2 website (both English and French sides). For those with the print book (and everyone else), you will be able to watch all the videos that are in the eBook. That should be online by January if not sooner. We will send an email blast to everyone with an EDE 2 account as well as send a Tweet about it when it goes live.

P.S. Yes, that patient was on fertility meds

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