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Everyone loves a contest :-)

August 28, 2018

We have toyed with the idea for a while. What if we hold a contest and give away some cool POCUS stuff for free. POCUS is cool! Free is cool! POCUS and free together is super cool!! So that is what we decided to do. This summer we held a contest. The grand prize of a free EDE 1 or EDE 2 course would go to one medical student and one resident. All that participants had to do was follow us on Twitter or sign up on the blog. Here are the winners:

Donna Liao, MS3, UBC

Jennifer Evancio, R1, Family Medicine, Kamloops, UBC

Congrats to both! Donna with be taking the EDE course on Tuesday, September 25, and Jennifer will be taking EDE 2 on Wednesday, September 26. Both courses are taking place in Vancouver.

We had a huge response to the contest! So we have gave away a bunch of runner-up prizes. Ten residents and ten students won a copy of the book (print or eBook, their choice). Another 10 residents and 10 students won free access to the EDE 1 and 2 online modules. FYI, the EDE 1 modules are being re-developed using the cutting-edge, super cool and interactive EDE 2 format. They will be packaged together and make their debut sometime in 2019.



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